Something, Anything: Transcendentalism in Appalachia

By Crue Smith After I attended a screening of Paul Harrill’s latest feature, Light From Light, Ijokingly told him that his film “was the marriage between Carl Dreyer and the Heartland Series.” Carl Theodor Dreyer being a renowned Danish filmmaker and a figure head of post war Transcendental filmmaking; and the Heartland Series, which wasContinue reading “Something, Anything: Transcendentalism in Appalachia”

Best of 2019: Light From Light Digs Deep to Uncover Ghosts

Light From Light is the second entry in our series of the Best Southern Movies of 2019. Last week we reviewed The Peanut Butter Falcon, and over the next couple weeks we will review two more works released in 2019 that best understand the South. By Reid Ramsey We’re all just carrying ghosts. Or suchContinue reading “Best of 2019: Light From Light Digs Deep to Uncover Ghosts”