What is Southern Sights?

We are a website dedicated to bringing serious film criticism to movies down south, that being the Southern U.S. We focus on films made or set in the South, made by directors from the South, or films that have some relationship with the South. You can read more about us here.

Reid Ramsey

Reid Ramsey is the founder and editor of Southern Sights. He also writes about movies, TV, and occasionally music for Cinematary, ArtsKnoxville, The Playlist, and ThinkChristian. He is a terrible dancer but good writer.

Captured at Knoxville on Dec 21 2019 by Carly Crawford Photography

Are you interested in contributing to Southern Sights?

We love to add new contributors. We unfortunately cannot pay contributors at this time, although we hope to in the near future. If you’d like to contribute, shoot an email with your pitch to Southern.Sights20@gmail.com

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